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Hello and welcome to my Blaseball Fic archive! This contains written works from 2022 to present in reverse chronological order, separated by categories and abled to be sorted by one character OR one relationship!
Other than these categories, You can get a quick look at what's what by glancing at the metadata shown after the link!

A note on shorthands that are used:

All writing is done by one human, expect the occasional mistake! Transformative Work Policy can be found here. General Fan Writting Archive is here.

Spies (Writting featuring characters on the Houtson Spies)
Pre-history (Writting featuring characters from Pre-history, not always during Pre-history)
Miscellaneous (Writting that doesn't fit into the above catagories)

Here's some rudimentary sorting (shown alpabetically), if your looking for one thing in particular.

🔍 Spies:

Writting featuring Houston Spies players or team. (Including Short Circuits Players!)

Breaking (New / Old) Ground: The Astroturf is in Shambles (18 Aug, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Yuniesky, Abu-Zaid
Warnings: None.
Metadata: Pre-Coronation era, Post-Fall Ball, Sports,
Word Count: 1,195
Summary: The start of Abu-Zaid's (very long) blaseball episode and Yuniesky's (very long) headache.

The Spies Strike Out (Non Strike-Out Version) (13 Jun, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Bees Gorczya, Esme Ramsey, Rivers Javier, Yuniesky, and Ivy (Wyatt Mason IV),
Warnings: None. (blaseball typical shenanigans)
Metadata: Coronation Era, Gamma season 4 (Which I have made up whole cloth),
Word Count: 2,049
Summary: In a not-so-distant universe, play must go on… The spies get strike 3 and then have to Deal With Consequences for the following season(s).

Low-Budget Kintsugi (21 Mar, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Yuniesky & Abu-Zaid (Can be interpreted as pre-relationship if you try really really hard)
Characters: Yuniesky, Abu-Zaid, Chester,
Warnings: A sentient mech is damaged off-screen.
Metadata:Coronation Era, Mecha (by technicality), Slice of Life,
Prompt: Cut
Word Count: 1,497
Summary: Yuniesky gets dragged out to help repair Chester, again.

Strike Out (12 Dec, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Rivers Javier, Ivy (Wyatt Mason IV),
Warnings: Unrealistic lightning strikes, (also very unrealistic about being struck by lightning)
Metadata: Fall Ball,
Prompt: Storm
Word Count: 465
Summary: Even with the lack of games, Rivers still enjoys indulging in rains pregame ritual.

Severe Weather Warning (12 Nov, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Manu Larch & Briggs Diallo
Characters: Manu Larch, Briggs Diallo, Most of .DAT (Short Circuits1 / Gamma 2 Spies) is mentioned,
Warnings: The typical nonsense going on Beta Season 24 from an outside observer
Metadata: Season 24 (beta) -- Fire Sale | Save Situation, .DAT | Department of Applied Thaumaturgy (Short circuits 1 / Gamma 2 Spies), Ambiguous/Open Ending, Weather, Scattered Players,
Word Count: 3,154
Summary: Before, in the prime universe, Manu Larch reports on the weather.
A weatherman must keep up with the latest news, and Manu is nothing if not a professional.

Absconding, Temporarily (11 Nov, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Nanci Grackle (THE GRACK), Ivy (Wyatt Mason IV),
Warnings: This is a chase scene,
Prompt: Chase
Metadata:Fall Ball, REDACTED | An Undisclosed Location Ballpark,
Word Count: 524
Summary: Ivy takes a break from the chase.

🌟 Pre-history:

Writting featuring pre-history players or teams, not always during actual pre-history.

The Start to 50 Years and a Bit (1 May, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s):New Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan,
Characters: New Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,
Warnings: Parker(1) and Megan's usual deal.
Metadata: The Vault, Post season E day 99,
Word Count: Tripple Drabble (300)
Summary: Deep in the Vault, two players settle into the long wait.

Same Time, Different Place (08 Feb, 2023)
Written for legendofthefireemblem as a Candy Hearts Exchange 2023 Treat.
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan,
Characters: Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,
Warnings: Talk of incineration (briefly),
Metadata: Alternate Universe - Different Modifications, Pre-History I, Dialogue Heavy,
Word Count: 638
Summary: Megan and Parker meet up at a restaurant to chat. Only, in this universe, they’re not as central to the plot as before…

Doppelgänger (Podfic) (21 Dec, 2022)
Rating: Teen
Relationship(s): Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan,
Characters:Megan Ito, New Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,
Warnings: Off-Screen Major Character Death (if whatever happened to Megan can be called that)
Metadata: Pre-History I, Angst,
Prompt: Forgive and Forget
Word Count:795
Summary: Parker attempts to apologize to Megan twice over agreeing to what they’ve been calling the Grand Plan.

Improvised Linchpin (11 Oct, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Characters: Wilkerson Ramos, Megan Ito,
Warnings: None (Megan-typical shenanigans)
Metadata: Pre-History I, Minneapolis Truckers, Takes place sometime after season C and before season E,
Prompt: Spoon
Word Count: 704
Summary: It was just Wilkerson’s luck that the one time she got paired up with Megan their truck would break down.

Lighting Gel Effect (14 Sep, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): New Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan
Characters: Parker MacMillan, New Megan Ito
Warnings: Parker(1) Typical Angst,
Metadata: Takes place during the semi-centennial (right after season 23), The Force Field, The Fifth Base,
Prompt: Clear
Word Count: Drabble (100)
Summary: A person can get used to anything if given enough time. Parker has had 50 long years to get used to his predicament.

🌀 Miscellaneous:

Writting that doesn't fit into the above catagories for whatever reason.

Dream Inside a Legume (I hope you don’t have peanut allergies) (1 Aug, 2023)
A treat for Squimpwave as a part of Mills WRITING (Wow! Really Interesting Tales Involving NYC Guys)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Clayton Legume, Loner Shelley
Warnings: Light swearing, Acidential Misgendering (Kind-of)
Metadata: Possesion, Coronation Era
Word Count: 1,281
Summary: A couple of days before the Big Re-Return something odd happened to Clayton Legume.