Absconding, Temporarily


Made on: 11 Nov, 2022

Rating: General Audiences

Word Count: 524 Words

Characters of Focus: Ivy (Wyatt Mason IV), Nanci Grackle (THE GRACK),

Setting: Fall Ball, in REDACTED/An Undisclosed Location Ballpark,

Prompt: Chase

Warnings: None.

Summary: Ivy takes a break from the chase.

Beginning Authors Note: I need to practice writing more action scenes, they don’t come very easily to me.

Ivy yanks down the nearest office chair, sending it clattering to the floor, before clambering into the hallway and slamming the exit behind them. Hopefully that will trip him up long enough for them to find what they're looking for. 

The hallway they’re running down suddenly forks and they make for the right. They swear it was around this wing of the UDL that there was– there it is! The door with the blue handle opens easily as Ivy enters.

They skim over the desks and filing cabinets, still with papers strewn over them from whoever worked in this office before the end of the world, eyes eventually landing on the switch at the end of the room. Bingo.

And not a moment too late either, as Nanci slams open the door right after Ivy makes their way over to the switch.

“C’mon kid,” Ze drawls as he approaches, “Don’t you want to be hyper-X-rayed?” 

“Not particularly.” 

Ivy yanks down at the switch and below Naci opens up a trap door. The mad scientist disappears with a curse and a thud. Ivy makes for the exit once again.

The hole that the trapdoor leads to actually isn’t very deep and has a ladder that can be used to climb out. Not, of course, that Ivy knows this because they accidentally fell into the trap one time.

They enter the door next to the one they just exited. Stepping onto the desk, cursing their below average height, they pull off the vent cover and hoist themselves up into the opening, resecuring the cover behind them.

It’s not as dusty as the first time they crawled through here, but it’s also not clean enough to stop bothering their nose.

Their first stop is at a lab. They hop down from the vents and plug back in the safety protocol device on the south end of the room. Then they color over the lens of whatever machine Nanci has created with black spray paint. With any luck, that will keep him preoccupied for a while. They hide the can under a tile again, before continuing on their way.

Eventually they exit the vents into a small room filled to the brim with bookshelves that are also filled to the brim. They exit that room to a smaller office room that lacks the shelves but not the books, and ducks under the desk to open a hidden door that leads into mission control room #6.

Dust, their very lovely pet bunny, is exactly where they left her several hours ago, lounging on the main control panel and munching on lettuce.

Ivy collapses into the office chair in front of the panel with an exaggerated huff. They fish out their phone out of their pants pocket with one hand, while petting Dust with the other. Never let it be said that Ivy was bad at multitasking.

They unlock the device before, after some mild consideration, clicking to open their text messages to Ankle. It would be nice to visit Charleston for a while. As much fun as this cat and mouse nonsense is, they do need a break sometimes. 

Ending Authors Note: Made for [community profile] fan_flashworks on Dreamwidth.