The Start to 50 Years and a Bit


Made on: 1 May, 2023

Rating: General Audiences

Word Count: Tripple Drabble (300 words)

Relationship(s): New Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan

Characters of Focus: New Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,

Setting: The Vault, Post season E day 99,

Warnings: Parker(1) and Megan's usual deal.

Summary: Deep in the Vault, two players settle into the long wait.

They turn, asleep, into Parker’s lap. Nose digging into his thigh.

It was odd, seeing Megan again – this Megan again. They’re not quite all there, in the traditional sense as well as physically, since, well. Not that Parker can really judge much himself; the heat haze settling around the edges of his consciousness for long enough he can’t remember how it felt without it.

They’ve been thrown into some backrooms in – what Parker can only assume is– the Vault. Trapped again. This time much closer to a God’s chest. Close enough that the illusion of not being a plaything has all but disappeared. Already discarded in this abandoned corner of the toybox.

The thought chafes against Parker, phantom feelings of force prickling along his wrists and ankles. So he stops thinking of it. Let the very idea slip out of his Swiss cheese of a brain.

Still, for all of Megan’s bolstering that they’ll be able to jailbreak them, he already has a feeling that they’ll be trapped here for a while. Left to gain dust.

Megan’s form dims, enough so that he can see the grass stains on his pants through them. A bit of solidness leaving with each fall of their chest.

Parker worries, distantly, for a moment that they’ll eventually disappear entirely.

They stay. Clear enough that Parker actually has to search hard to spot the vague outline of their form, but they stay.

He sighs, letting his spine go slack and slumping to the floor. It’s not like there's much to do except rest now, with it all said and done.

The blue swirls of the forcefield dance above him. Parker lets himself drift off to sleep, already knowing that he’ll wake up in 9 days with the same tired burning behind his eyes still present.

Ending Authors Note: Just a short little thing to get back into writing.

To clear up any confusion: Megan here IS new Megan Ito, Parker just perceives them as being pretty much the same person so he doesn’t make an effort to differentiate them.

Thanks for reading!