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4 turned 3 years old a couple of days ago!!!!

Messed with 4's design a little bit,
She has a mustache now! :-]
Ji-eun Clove from the Atlantis Georgias
Dug up my old Ji-Eun Clove design that I never used for anything for this doodle.

Wilkerson Ramos drawing I did for the Pre-history zine I hosted,
also made a speed paint of it!

What one year of procrastination does to a project dot gif
(This actually isn't very fair to my past self, I was rushing the assets!)

A doodle for my sibling of her cat character (Cecil) and Parker 5 interacting,
because they drew Parker 5 for me for artfight :-)

Someone said that how I draw ivy reminds them of Marcy from Charlie Brown haha

Another quick doodle the day of the announcement. Sequel to this comic

Goodnight Blaseball! Quick doodle the day of the announcement

This is the last finished blaseball digital art before the end was annouced

Count Grakula....

Original accompanying comment from maincord:
"I spent an unreasonable amount of time looking at the divorced swag tournament going
"Parker? All of them? The first one? or...?" today and while
I can certainly seen how this can fit an interpretation
of parky 1, my brain and decided that this is just referring to 3
for some reason. Cheers, I'm going to bed now. Please take this doodle."

made in an online MS paint program

Blaseball gets put on pause before gamma season 3.
The sequel to this is here

Right after I start drawing this that terrible freeze hit Texas. Nick Castellanos of drawings

Part 2

Part 1

I made this because Commish (real) was placed next to my USPS truck. They have a new job now (joke)
Finished RIGHT after the spies cursed the firefighters, whoopsies

To be quite honest, I just used the theives winning season 1 (gamma) as an excuse to draw Ankle

Congradulation to this comic in particular for having all cannon dialougue!
(I'm sure there's others I've made with mostly (Or even ALL) cannon dialogue, this is just somewhat rare)

Parker 1 as a crab, requested by my sibling who is not actually a fan a blaseball, but had to listen to me rant about this guy falling over the holiday season

First blaseball art of 2023 (so everything past this is from 2022)

First Yuniesky and Conditional comic,
Not particularly surprisingly this sets the tone for the next couple of months haha

Referencing to some people were playing
hot or cold with him on twitter to try and figure out a new chart.

This is referancing Roamers/Kit's wonderful song: "Orientation"

Happy Halloween! (2022)


Fall outfit

This was made for "The End" zine, a 24 hour zine about season 24!
(Also the only zine piece I did that year because I was suuper busy at the time :( )

Commish (real), made of polymerclay, jewelry wire, and hot glue

Slightly outdated ref for Commish for artfight 2022

Updated ref for artfight

The staticed Short Circuit guys

Rival movie night

All of SC3 (Gamma 4) guys

First Blaseball art of the year (2022)

Welcome Agent sorry about the whole getting eaten by an inatimate object thing.png

First SC drawing!

Reese Clark of the spies

Technically these guys are from mlinor leaugue blaseball's sim-16 shenanigans,
but where else would I put this?

Posted to mlinor leaugue blaseball (pre-hist teams side-cord)

RE: The next drawing

Titled: your friend and clone descide to drag
you along on their trip to poke around the local god's domain.png
This is my favorite blaseball art, I think!
Also the last art I posted to maincord's fanwork channel,
since I didn't get around to it before the sever was being shut down.

Would you look at that!
The first drawing I put on maincords fanwork channel!
(Direct quote from end of s24)

SpyTheives at the end of the word (s24)
I believe this was directly inspired by a mixtape of some kind?

This is so incredibly different than
how I characterize Megan these days haha

A Megan referance (also for artfight)
shortly follows

First blaseball digital drawing was of Parker...
I don't know what else I expected haha
This was made for artfight - so it's a referance
(the mask gets ditched shortly)
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