Blaseball (blood + baseball) is a horror baseball simulation that is accessible through the website blaseball.com. Knowledge of baseball (the real sport) is not required and the best way to experience it is to just jump on in.

Currently blaseball is on Siesta(Siesta) un-re-returning (discontinuing that is.) as of june 2, 2023. I had a lovely time and will probably continue to think about this lovely game for years to come! Cheers to all that have participated in this national sport and cultural event! WAALB!


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Short circuits

All players on the site are just a name with some defining characteristics (stars, fate, soul scream, pregame ritual, coffee type, ect.) and all characterization and most characteristics are created by fans, usually by the fans of the team the player is on. Player interpretation can differ from individual to individual. If you want to read about team interpretation (collaboration between fans of the team(s) that the player is on to brainstorm characteristics/characterization) or popular interpretation (for the more well known players) you can check the Blaseball wiki.

All characters here are my own interpretation of them and don't always reflect the ideas given to them on the wiki. Likewise, some here are borrowing a lot from common interpretations.


Players from events that take place before The Return of Blaseball. You can tell that I got really into Blaseball around the same time "Throwback Thursday" and the "Semi-Centinial" was happening because man do I think about these guys A LOT.

Parker MacMillan:
He/Them 19.
Listen. I love this guy a lot. My favorite league burner. If you want to hear me rant about his clones go to "Misc."
He's drawn as a scrawny guy with long black hair that's typically put into a ponytail. His hair is parted in a way so that only one eye is showing (important). He has red diagonal stitches on his face and a couple other stitches scattered over his body. His face is covered in stubble and acne. He typically has a brown jacket over whatever he's wearing.
This guy is a forever 19 year old that may or may not have been a roman brought back to life by a certain god.
He has an audio processing disorder and is transmasc.
Wanted to do hlorseback riding instead of blaseball but hey, that's life.
He's good friends with Megan. Neither of them really knew how to do rival stuff so they just kinda hung out outside of games. Like rival game nights, for example. (Megan starts this stuff as a joke but Parker took it seriously and they played along.) He's also good friends with new Megan, partially because they were stuck in the same room as each other for 50+ years in the vault.
Very nervous dude in season A but mellows out a lot over the next couple of seasons. During his stay in the vault he got into the habit of zoning out almost constantly and hasn’t yet shaked that off.

Megan ito:
They/them mid 20ish.
Greatest prankster of all time (unofficial rank). Good friends with Parker MacMillan. Got exploded 100 times.
Megan is drawn with Eurasian magpie characteristics (wings, claws, colors under the eyes) due to A) alliteration and B) both are known for stealing stuff.
They have shoulder length black hair that's dyed pink and blue on the tips. They're drawn with a fuller body and with jock type clothing.
Think of themselves as an unofficial older sibling to Parker and cares not for property laws. Loves heist movies and playing ball.
They tend to act rather smug but can be very empathetic and kind when they feel like it.
As far as Megan vs new Megan goes: They're basically the same person for the most part. Being Echoed/static-ed has basically scattered the components that make Megan, Megan throughout the immaterial plane/shadows/hall/etc. in a matter that is unable to be seen nor able to be recovered. New Megan is the most solid part of Megan the league was able to fish up and is a superficial 2-D caricature of who Megan was. (you could say... just an echo of their former self haha!) They're now physically unable to take anything particularly seriously or able to empathize with others, stuck constantly as smug and aloof. New Megan Ito and Parker MacMillan are still good friends :)

Wilkerson Ramos:
He/Him, Adult.
Wilkerson was on the Canadian Artist breifly before narrowly avoideding death via transfering back to his original team, the Minneapolis Truckers. Butch lesbian that is very done with the shenanigans of the pre-history rivals and just want to live out his life in peace. Please. (Also the guy that had that arm cannon that Megan stole!)
Wilkerson is drawn as an above average height person with brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes. His hair is in dreadlocks and is typically pulled back into a ponytail. He tends to wear a simple off-white tanktop and rust collored coveralls, usually tied around his waist. He has a gap between his top front teeth.
He's pretty susceptible to heat sickness and is weak to heat in general, so he's usually constantly sweating.

Hugs Pamplin:
She/Her, young adult.
Hugs is a very playful 6 legged cat that plays for the Mallorca Whales!
She is typically drawn as a standard sized tuxedo cat, with a fur pattern that has white from her jaw to her belly and legs, with the rest being black. Her extra pair of legs are in the middle of her body. She sometimes wear a bandana or hat.

Lucien Borg:
Any, young
Lucien is an AI that plays for the Mallorca Whales. They don't have a physical body, but uses multiple small machines to play ball. The machines are picked by them depending onopponents, weather, and mood.
Along with having no body, they don't have anything representing themselves digitally either, communicating only through text.


Players from the team I’m a fan of: The Houston Spies!
People who know my love of jellyfish and robots might be asking: Spies? Why not the Atlantis Georgias Or the Core Mechanics? Which is a good question! The answer is: A) I liked the aesthetics, B) I’ve been to Houston a couple of times when I was younger and I really liked the science museum they have there and C) most importantly and the actual final deciding factor for my decision: Math Velazquez is the coolest character concept I have ever heard of and I just HAD to be a fan of the team Math was on. (Math then got stolen by the thieves guild and was sent to LA Unlimited Tacos' shadows shortly afterwards :( )

Ivy (Wyatt Mason IV)
They/Them late teens - early 20s
Ivy! Little guy of all time.
Ivy is one of the several Wyatt Masons created through the events of the second Wyatt Masoning, because of that they have a bit of a complex about their own personhood. Despite this, they are quite close to their remaining sibling, Max.
Ivy is drawn as a young adult with light brown skin and freckles. Their hair is dark except for the tips, which are dyed pink. They tend to wear a teal jacket over a light purple sweater. They tend to have headphones around their neck, the wire of which connects up to their siblings-- usually disappearing into a different non-visible plane after a couple of feet.
They have a pet bunny named Dust that is gray and white. They also seem to have some sort of learning disorder, but it is currently undiagnosed.
Ivy, being the first of the post-blackhole (blackhole) spies to fall, has the best understanding of the undisclosed location (the spies stadium) out of all the new spies, and uses this often to their own benefit. They're good friends with Ankle Halifax of the shoe thieves, and often go over to Charleston to visit them.

Nanci Grackle (Also known as: The Grack)
He/him They/Them Ze/Hir 30s
Nanci is a mad scientist originally from the Atlantis Georgias. They have a very one sided rivalry with previous spies player and mad scientist Mohammed Picklestein, on account of Mo's additions to the undisclosed location's safety features. Nanci dislikes safety features.
He is drawn with short black hair, tan skin, and green triangle glasses. They wear an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt with a stained lab coat over top. Ze has goggles around their neck and piercings around hir left eyebrow and right ear. Despite their overly green apperance, it's actually his least favorite color. He dsilikes green so much that ze removed the ability to see green from hir eyes, leaving him in the current situation.
Nanci and Ivy have a very cartoony cat and mouse situation, with Nanci wanting to study Ivy and Ivy not particularly wanting to be studied. Nanci also occasionally tries to help Rivers with their wishes of being struck by lightning. Rivers is also immune to almost all of Nanci's ray guns through over exposure to lightning strikes.
Despite being a mad scientist and trying to study Ivy, Nanci is not attempting to be actively malicious. He just has a very skewed perspective on what is or is not acceptable behavior.

Rivers Javier (AKA: RJ)
Rain/Rains, Storm/Storm, ETC. Depends on local weather. Older Adult
Rivers is a storm chaser who enjoys getting struck by lightning. This hobby has had an ill effect on clouds body, mostly in the form of having achy limbs before a storm. Rains is good friends with Grackle, Terrel, and, outside of the spies, their co-worker (prime universe) Manu and their partner (prime universe) Briggs.
Rivers is drawn as a tall person with brown skin, lichtenberg scars over rains right cheek, neck, and left hand, and left eye that looks like the sun. Cloud is typically seen wearing a weather themed trench coat with a wide brim hat with two antennas on the top with fake raindrops suspended from it. Rain has brown hair with gray streaks in it, and is typically seen with an umbrella that cloud occasionally use as a cane.
Cloud has a very easy going nature, and gets along well with rains teammates and co-workers. Surprisingly, rain is close with Grackle, probably because none of zir inventions seem to be able to harm rain -- having built up an immunity to lasers and the like through rains repeated contact with lightning.


Short circuits were three seasons that happened during the Siesta(Siesta) to test out the implementation of new features. Each season was two weeks and each had unique players for each team. Most of the ideas for the spies short circuits that I show here borrow heavily from ideas given in maincord (The blaseball discord, that is) and the Spies’ side discord. The design of the characters, while borrowing from these ideas, are for the most part my own.
The specifics of each have blended into a singular glob in my mind (although the event of the garage’s accidental vote fraud sticks out pretty clearly, that was pretty funny.) so I apologize for any inaccuracies. Check out the wiki or the spies debriefings if you want something a bit more factual.

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.DAT (Department of Applied Thaumaturgy)

.DAT is the first SC team and is a section of The Agency that is focused on studying magic.

Link Rodriguez:
He/Him young adult.
Link was a blittle league coach that was recruited by .DAT to help them with the play ball part of Blaseball (as, this is a department meant to research magic not to do splorts) so he acts as a bit of a coach to his teammates.
He’s drawn as a young person with an average build and slightly above average height, he has curly hair and doesn't wear the uniform the spies have. (instead opting to wear casual wear (cargo shorts + T-shirt) or an actual jersey.) He’s a trans man.
Link tends to bring snacks for everyone and has a good relationship with the rest of the team. He gets to ride shotgun in ZeeZee’s van the most often. They live in an apartment that also houses Pug Grenache and has some budding romance stuff going on with Eleanor Thyme, although it never came to fruition. Got sacrificed to the microphone at the end of the season and now lives in the void(?). In the main universe he is still a blittle league coach and never interacted with The Agency.

Kofi Chocolate:
They/Them (?) Young adult.
Kofi!!! My good friend Kofi!!! Kofi is SO incredibly bad at blaseball, they had 1 (ONE) star in batting (they’re a batter) and IIRC it was AN OVER INFLATED STAR. (looked better than it was.) Their pregame ritual is making friends :)
Kofi is drawn as a person with average height, a brown and tan trench coat, short brown hair, and has a coffee plant replacing their right (our left) eye.
They do coffee alchemy! They’re also quite good at getting information.
They’re close to the rest of the team, but have made it a special mission for themselves to befriend the HECK out of Noah Dane, so the two of them are quite close (much to Noah’s disgruntlement). They are very friendly to opposing teams and like to wave to the pitcher whenever possible. (Hello!!! Hi!!! I am on the home plate!!! (two minutes pass) Bye!!! I just striked out and now it's the top of the inning!!! bye!!!!)
Secret of the century, but I actually put 101 votes into sacrificing Kofi to the Microphone (the rest of my votes went to Link), because if they use the SC staticed characters for something… I would like to see Kofi again. Also, I thought it would be funny, but I’m glad Link ended up getting zapped anyways haha.

Bibby Zmith:
They/Them Young child (around 12?)
Bibby doesn’t actually play Blaseball, They are a necromancer and make their reanimated skeletons (who are named numbers that are put onto hats that they wear on their heads) play ball for them. They also run a lemonade stand with their skellingtons,
Bibby has not connected the fact that people have skeletons and that the reanimated skeletons are actually the same stuff– like kids that think of dinosaurs as the skeleton because that's all they see.
They are drawn as a young child with mousy brown hair tied back into a ponytail, an oversized blue trench coat and purple cap, and a skull bandana tied around their neck.
Bibby is put in charge of Pug Grenache after Link leaves, since they tend to hang out with the dog a lot. They’re also friends with Roman Lighthouse and Madison Sycamore (AKA: Vert), they play card games together during vote reveal parties at Eleanor’s house.

Noah Dane:
He/Him (?) Young Adult.
The straight man (comedy term) of the group. Thinks magic is super dangerous and none of these guys are using enough caution, which causes him to try to not befriend any of them. (thwarted by Kofi.) Disenchant stuff frequently. Stickler for the rules and a bit of a square.
Noah is drawn as a above average height person with a naturally stern face, they have long blond curls and wear the traditional purple trench coat over a collared shirt and slacks.

Eleanor Thyme:
They/Them young adult.
Eleanor is the only .DAT member that has a house large enough to use for events, so they usually host the vote reveal parties and other such things. They live alone.
Eleanor is drawn as an average height person with long ginger hair tied back in a ponytail. They wear a simple trench coat for games and casual wear (shirt, cardigan + long pants) elsetimes.
They have a bit of a budding romance going on with Link, although he was staticed before anything ever came of it. Eleanor specializes in plant and household magic, which comes quite naturally to them and much of which was passed down from their currently estranged family. They tend to look very serious but enjoys enabling chaos.
In my head, I connected them a lot to this song.

Pug Grenache:
Any pronouns, middle aged
Pug is a pug that was the familiar of an artificer/ wizard and can currently survive anything. May have psychic powers, it's unclear.
They are drawn as a pug (the kind with a longer snout) with a red collar.
Pug originally lived in Link’s apartment, but after Link got staticed they now live with Bibby Zmith.

Manu Larch:
They/Them, young adult.
Manu is a weather person by day and an Agency member by night, although they had to give up their full time job once .DAT joined the leauge. They're platonic patners with Briggs and are marred with them for tax benifits. Uses the weather to tell fortunes (that are very obvious).
Personality wise, they're quite nervous especially in new situations. Although most of the time they're able to push through it. They take their day job very seriously.
They are drawn as a shorter than average person, with curly dark hair that's covered by a basmele and a purple fedora. They don a purple busness suit with a light colared shirt underneath. They also use a cane, which is decorated with small dangly items.
In the prime universe, they are good friends with Rivers Javier and often go to watch games to support rain.

Briggs Diallo:
They/Them, young adult.
Briggs is a blood researcher and works in a blood lab as a day job. In .DAT they focus on studing the effect of different types of blood as well as any magic that can be contained in it. They're not magical themselves.
They're platonic patners with Manu and are marred with them for tax benifits. In the short curcuits they live in separate appartments so as to be closer to each of their jobs. In the prime universe they move back in together at some point (first time being roommates when Manu was fresh out of college), since they aren't juggling 3 jobs anymore.
They're drawn as a taller than average person who is usually hunched over. They have dark hair in dreads and round glasses that obscure their eyes.
They don't really get what Manu and Rivers Javier are talking about 50% of the time. More of a fan of Hlocky than Blaseball.

.CRT (Chrono-Reconnaissance Taskforce)

.CRT is the 2nd SC team and is a section of The Agency focused around time travel.

Jorge Gottwald
They/Them Adult.
Jorge is stuck in a time loop and is attempting to save the members of the .CRT from the microphone. These loops have made them extremely good at blaseball, enough so that they were the candidate to get fed to the microphone in this final loop.
They're also an old timey union organizer, and uses ASL to communicate.
Jorge is drawn in black and white, with a fedora, vest, and collared shirt on. They have curly dark hair that is pulled into a low ponytail and their eyes are always shaded by their hat, unable to be seen.
They're good friends with Denny Frakes.

Denny Frakes
? ?
Denny is not able to be percieved because of space/time nonsense. Coincidentally, Jorge Gottwald is the only person able to percive Denny also because of space/time nonsense.

.IMP (Houston Accountants)

To be honest I forget what .imp stood for here, or if I/we even had an acronym to go with it... Anyways! .IMP is the third (if you don't count gamma 1/SC0) and last Short Circuits team.
The story behind them, if I'm remembering correctly, was that in this universe The Agency has turned to... human experimentation (gasp!) and created a bunch of atificially good players at various sports. At some point The Agency falls and is dismantled by them and they start an accounting firm together. Once blaseball returned in this universe, they were called to Play Ball as (technically) the last standing devision of the Houston Spies.

To be honest, I didn't think too much about specific character interpretations. So here, have this sheet of all of the designs!

Feridad Zest was the sacrifice to the microphone this time. Also had some nonsense with getting so many boxes.


Any characters that I have designs for that don’t fit into the above categories.

Parker MacMillan IIIII(5) (AKA: Commish)
They/Them, He/Him, 19/2/21/?
PARKER MY BELARKER. First blaseball character I fell heads over heels over (cliche, I know. Commish just has a way of worming into your heart I suppose.) I could rant about this guy FOREVER. but! I'll try to keep it short for now.
Current blaseball commissioner and clone/replica of Parker MacMillan. Prefers not to be referred to by their number, thank you very much!
Tries their best to be at least somewhat professional, although they have no clue as to what's going on or what he's doing almost always. They're a bit of a nervous person, even more so than who he's based off of.
They're drawn as an outwardly inorganic humanoid, with a "head" styalized akin to a b(l)aseball. They have five "eyes", one of which, is a small camera on their right side of their head. They typically wear an off-white collared shirt with a red tie, and a long red skirt. Commish occasionally has the microphone pluged into the side of their head.
Despite being based on him, the commissioner and Parker the original are different people. Clones of Parker are tweaked slightly from each other and have differences just due to experiencing the world differently/having different experiences that shape them.
Unlike his predecessors, Parker IIIII was made with their job, interacting with fans over the Internet, in mind. This is why he was made to be more inorganic (at least, externally.) So as to better be able to keep up with their Twitter account.
The people who made them also gave them a super short battery life, which means he doesn't get out of their office too often, since he has to either be plugged into a wall or cart a car battery around.

Parker MacMillan IIII(4) (AKA: Fours)
Any pronouns! 19/1
For some reason, Parker 4 has assumed the personality of a cheerful preschool teacher. It's unknown if this is because of some misunderstanding from the IT guy setting him up with the computer saying that twitter is "where all the kids are at", SIBR's nonsense, or if they're just like that naturally.
Out of all of the Parker replicas/clones, this guy was the most rushed job and is only held together by (hopefully only metaphorically) duct tape. It's a mix of organic and inorganic parts, which don't quite pair that well together. His limbs are completely inorganic and most of the rest is organic, meaning that more often than not her limbs will fail him. So it's often seen using a cane or, while out playing ball, elbow crutches in order to not fall and hurt himself.
Fours is drawn as a slightly below average height person with dark, mid length, hair that covers their right eye and hangs loose around their shoulders. He has square glasses with stitches that go diagonally across its face. They're typically seen wearing an off white collared shirt and black slacks along with, when out in play, a Game Band jersey overtop. After being percolated, they've become drippy, covered in (or became) coffee. It now leaves stains everywhere, uh oh. (This is mostly an annoyance to Threesies, who Fours enjoys bothering/hanging out with when they cross paths in the hall.)

Parker MacMillan III(3) (AKA: Threesies)
He/them (they don't particularly care) 19/1/?
Parker MacMillan III was the Blaseball commissioner as well as self elected title of "intern-interim-commissioner Prime Minister" (later promoted to "Chief Executive Officer Prime Minister" by his mom boss.) from the return of Blaseball until he was incinerated in the New York Millennials v. Parker MacMillan III court case.
Threesies is drawn as a slightly bellow average heigh person, who's always hunched over. They wear their hair up in a high ponytail and wear an eye patch with two golden eyes decorating it on his right eye. They have slight stubble along with stitches over his face. The stiches are on various other parts of their body. They typically wear an off-white collared shirt, black blazer, black slacks, and a name tag. After being incinerated they seem to always be slightly on fire (of the blue flames variety). He has a phone with a cat charm on it.
He is the most organic replica of Parker known (with a grand total of ZERO inorganic parts) and has a bit more of a haughty personality (the checkmark on twitter got to his head). Currently they reside in The Hall along with Fours, although he did possess (sorry, haunt) Commish that one time on halloween.

Ankle Halifax
They/Them Late teen - early 20s
Ankle my beloved. A Thieves player I have stolen lovingly relocated into my own possesion.
Ankle is originally from Atlantis, hence the angler fish traits. They can actually breath under water, those gills aren't just for show!
Ankle is drawn as an average height person (slightly taller than Ivy, lol) with brown skin and dark hair. They have a lure on their forehead, two pairs of gills on their neck, and blue spikes/scales on their ears/joints. Their typical outfit consists of a grey T-shirt, yellow waders, blue gloves, and boots.
Thay have quite an out going personality, and are very silly :)
They were the first of the post-blackhole (blackhole) Shoe Thieves player to fall during the fall ball, and befriended Ivy (of the spies) during that time. They've continued to be close friends!


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A solo-zine consisting of scrap doodles and WIP fics, just over 100 pages. Mostly pre-history rivals and SC/New seasons Spies. For Blaseball Zine Jam 2023:

Pre-history zine, 12 pages. A collaborative zine I hosted for the 2023 Blaseball Zine Jam:

I submitted an artwork for The End, a 24 hour zine made for the 2022 Blaseball Zine Jam.