Strike Out


Made on: 12 Dec, 2022

Rating: General Audiences

Word Count: 465

Characters of Focus: Ivy (Wyatt Mansion IV), Rivers Jaiver, (Mentioned: Rivers Rosa)

Setting: Fall Ball

Prompt: Storm

Warnings: Unrealistic lightning strikes, (also very unrealistic about being struck by lightning)

Beginning Authors Note: To clear up any confusion, the spies were discussing Rivers having weather themed neopronouns that change depending on the local weather. I’m a sucker for characters with unique pronouns, so that what's used here.

Ivy pokes their head out of the backdoor and spots River relaxing on one of the chairs scattered about the porch.

“There you are!” Ivy exits the warmth of the undisclosed location completely and into the nippy chill of the outside, “Rosa wanted me to tell you that the pie she’s making will be done soon.”

The rain continues pattering on the roof above them. Mellowed out from the more harsh winds of a couple of minutes ago.

Rivers glances at Ivy as they sit down on the bench someone dragged out here, before returning rains gaze to the storm above them.

“What type is she making?”

“Uh, blueberry, I think.” Ivy shrugs, “She wants you to taste test it. –If you want to, that is.” Ivy tacks on.

“I see,” River hums rather distractedly, the sky rumbling and darkening above, “I’ll come in and do that soon. Give me a moment, hon.”

With that last remark Rivers angles rains’ cane firmly on the ground before hoisting rainselves up and out of the porch covering.

Rain gets soaked almost instantly, the storm back in full swing after the momentary calm. This doesn’t seem to deter Rivers at all. Rain continues around the edge of the somewhat empty front house and hosts rainselves up a ladder resting against the side of the building.

As River's boots disappear past the porch's rooftop and a low thud from above takes their place, Ivy’s curiosity reaches max capacity and they rush out after rain. They also get soaked almost instantly. The bone chilling cold pulling down onto their suddenly heavy clothes as they stumble back and angle their head up to see what exactly Rivers is up to.

Rivers is up to exactly what one could expect from a hobby storm chaser that enjoys getting a bit more hands-on experience. One arm using storms’ cane to steady themselves on the rooftop, the other unclipping the umbrella at storms’ waist.  

Storm hefts the umbrella up, struggling against the push and shove of the wind, until it's upright and pointing to the sky. 

Suddenly, there's a flash of light and heat, and it’s only when a rumble quickly follows that Ivy, still blinking dots out of their eyes, realizes what happened.

Soon joined by the rumble of thunder is the sound of breathless laughter as Rivers tilts rains head back. It is a bit ridiculous to see rains hair double as frizzy as it normally is, standing up on the roof by rainself, so Ivy can’t help but giggle a bit too at the ridiculousness of it all.

Soon enough, River composes rainself and clambers down, careful of the slickness of the latter. Rain walks over to Ivy, still gawking a bit and getting soaked, and smiles at them.

“So, Pie?”

Ending Authors Notes: This was made for [community profile] fan_flashworks over on Dreamwidth!