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Hello and welcome to my General Fan Fiction Archive containing written works I've made from 2019 onwards! Works are in reverse chronological order, separated by fandom.

There's some media that I write enough of to have their own separate page, this includes the following:
None of the above will be included here, since they have their own pages! (They also have better sorting because of that!)

Other than the separation by fandoms, You can get a quick look at what's what by glancing at the metadata shown after the link!

A note on shorthands that are used:

All writing is done by one human, expect the occasional mistake! Transformative Work Policy can be found here. I don't own the character, settings, and such of the following works.

Want to know how I transfer my writting from AO3 over to this site? I have a video on that (that I made while half asleep)!

Fandoms (Alphabetical Order):

🍽️ Dungeon Meshi:

Overpowered Band-Aid (26 Apr, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Falin Touden & Laios Touden, Marcille Donato & Falin Touden
Characters: Falin Touden, Laios Touden, Marcille Donato
Warnings: Spoilers for Chapter 34, Canon-typical injuries.
Metadata: Magic, Ficlet, Post-Canon.
Prompt: Flow
Word Count: 226
Summary: Controlling the flow of magic is quite the impressive feat, especially if the person doing so seemed to struggle to even get the gist of it the last ten times Falin tried to explain it.

🐺 EndZone / 🐦‍⬛ Law of Talos (Original Character Tournament):

Prelude to a Return (12 Aug, 2023)
Rating: Teen
Relationship(s): Clarice & Climber
Characters: Clarice, Climber, Castle of Nations
Warnings: Mild language and past major character death. Spoilers for the ending.
Metadata: Post-canon (EndZone), Canonical Character Death
Prompt: Unholy Nest
Word Count: Triple drabble (300)
Summary: Clarice returns to the island holding the only good to come out of it limp in her arms.

One Man's Blessing (23 Jan, 2023)
Rating: Teen
Characters: Karl, Arma, Climber
Warnings: Canon typical violence, Implied/Referenced Self-Harm
Metadata: Post-canon (LOT), More of a whump than I intended, mix of canon and non canon matches
Word Count: 2,086
Summary: …Is another man's curse.
In which; Karl struggles with several things, the most prominent being that he is A) alive and B) not quite as made up of resin as before. The Climber's stuck on babysitting duty.

⌚️ Persona 2:

You can find my Persona fan-page here.

Double Date Roomates (9 Jan, 2021)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Hanakouji Miyabi/Mishina Eikichi, Kurosu Jun/Suou Tatsuya, Kurosu Jun & Mishina Eikichi
Characters: Kurosu Jun, Mishina Eikichi, Hanakouji Miyabi, Suou Tatsuya
Warnings: None.
Metadata: Maya Lives, Post-Canon, EP just doesnt exist, they/them and he/him pronouns for Eikichi, theres no focus on romance just hair dye for how many words this is, Fluff
Word Count: 1,732
Summary: Jun put down the plates he was holding, he could always unpack later while Eikichi's shenanigans were usually one of a kind. "What do you have there?"
"Why only the best thing since sliced bread!" Eikichi struck another pose, absolutely ridiculous, "Permanent dye!"
Miyabi closed the door behind them, "We were coming home when we saw some in Satomi Tadashi!"
"Oh, I forgot your hair wasn't actually dyed." Which is a bit silly, since the four of them moved into an apartment together a couple weeks ago, Jun had occasionally seen Eikichi without blue hair in the early mornings.
"Well, it's about to be!" And with another shout of excitement, Eikichi marches onward to the only bathroom.

🎁 Petscop:

You can find my Petscop fan-page here.

Come In, Space Cadet (18 Jul, 2023)
Rating: Teen
Relationship(s): Belle Leskowitz & Paul Leskowitz
Characters: Belle Leskowitz, Paul Leskowitz
Warnings: Spoilers, 1 swear, POV of someone in an altered mental state
Prompt: Earthbound
Word Count: 654
Summary: A (metaphorical) return to earth, helped along by Belle.

Cloche (30 Apr, 2021)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Belle Leskowitz & Paul Leskowitz
Characters: Belle Leskowitz, Paul Leskowitz
Warnings: It's canon typical
Metadata: Post-canon, Ficlet
Word Count: 457
Summary: He's at the place where the windmill is. There's a bench where the camera would be. Or rather, the camera was placed where the bench is. The real world is more important, hopefully.

Wind Swept Bangs (2 Feb, 2023)
For: palebluestings on AO3 as a CandyHeartsExchange assignment
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Kurume Makoto & Murashige Yuzuki
Characters: Kurume Makoto, Murashige Yuzuki
Warnings: Light spoilers for chapter 39.
Metadata: Sleepovers, Mostly Fluff
Word Count: 1,197
Summary: “Thanks,” Yuzu laughs a little bit, still staring down into the grocery bag, “for the pudding, do you um...”
Makoto looks over at Yuzu’s uncharacteristic hesitance, only to see that she paused to use her sleeve to wipe at her eyes.
“Do you want to eat this with me? I don’t think my parents will mind having you over.”

Misdial (17 Oct, 2022)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Kurume Makoto & Iwakura Mitsumi
Characters: Kurume Makoto, Iwakura Mitsumi
Warnings: Takes place after chapter 3
Prompt: Wrong Number
Word Count: 245
Summary: Habits can complicate things, especially when paired with cell phones.

🖌️ Splatoon:

In(k)quisitive (30 Jan, 2023)
Rating: General Audiences
Relationship(s): Agent 3/Agent 8
Characters: Agent 3, Agent 8
Warnings: None
Metadata: Takes place sometime after Octo Expansion.
Prompt: Bold
Word Count: 100 (Drabble)
Summary: Hand holding… for science!