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This is a fan-page for the garalina game PETSCOP and is not officially associated with it in any way.

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"In a way, recordings have the power to raise the dead."

Press play on the bandcamp audio player in the bottom right to play explore, my favorite petscop track! You can find the link to the official track by pressing on "petscop sountrack"! :-)

Rainer Quotes Collection
Soundtrack, Explore

Petscop Primer:

Petscop is a horror un-fiction* and “This game I found”** type web series (notably: NOT an ARG***, although it was believed to be so for a while.) spanning from 2017 to 2019 with 24 episodes (ranging from a couple of minutes to half an hour long) and a soundtrack. The plot follows Paul playing through a game he found while slowly uncovering the secrets of said game and what, exactly, the developer of the secret portion is trying to say or re-create.

Due to the nature of the series, this primer contains some spoilers in order to get a fuller idea of what this web series is about.

(*un-fiction refers to fiction that treats and presents itself as if it were real.
**TGIF as a genre was popularized by Petscop and is typically used to describe the web series inspired by it: it’s called that because the format is usually in a “lets play” or “discovery log” format of a game the protagonist found. I.E. “This channel is about a game I found.” Some examples would be Animal Investigator/A.I. builds, Diminish, and Sherif Domestic.
***While technically being an “alternate reality game,” Petscop lacks the outside influence (a way to “play” or discover things outside of the channel as a viewer) that an ARG needs to be categorized as such. Additionally, the creator of the series has stated that petscop was not meant to be a puzzle to be solved.)

Content warnings:
General: Some main topics of the series is child abuse, childhood trauma, dysfunctional families, death, and rebirth.
Specific spoilers:

Theres also: Child kidnapping, Onscreen kidnapping, talk of animal injury, talk of missing persons, child death, talk of and motifs of car acidents, currently controlling families, heavily implied suicide, the recording and monitoring of someone aware and unaware of this, and references to a specific real child abuse case. Despite all this the ending is implied to be happy for the protagonist.

With all that said: Petscop is constrained to the game and most of these things are shown rather abstractly, through in-game counterparts recreating events, or through text. There’s no traditional jumpscares, although there are parts with sudden loud noises (episode 16 in particular).

Petscop is abstract in its execution, so there are multiple ways to interpret events. It’s one of those things that needs to be re-watched a couple of times to really understand it. There's also a lot of parts that are intentionally obscured and are never truly revealed.

It can be watched in its entirety on the Petscop youtube channel. There are now official captions made by the creator. To get the entire story one can watch all 24 petscop episodes and the last section of the soundtrack video, there are no outside channels or videos off of this channel to understand the main story. The only outside source that’s official or treated as such is the name of the account that posted petscop to the r/creepygaming reddit page which is u/paleskowitz.

Here's the first episode if you want to get a taste of it, only 9 minutes long! (There's currently a visual glitch on the channel making some videos look longer than they are.)

Recommended post watching or outside watching:
I highly recommend NOT watching any "The Game Theorists" channel/@GameTheory videos over this series. For the love of god do not do this. Instead, make your own decision on what is happening or what petscop is about!

If you really do want some videos or reading discussing possible ways to interpret the series, here's some recommendations:
Another highly recommended post-watching reading is this interview with the creator of petscop!

Bite from the interview (hover over it to make it stop moving!):
“There’s room for interpreting it in different ways, based on your own experiences and what you care about, […] I prefer not to explain it in words myself, because that would take away from personal interpretations, and because I think too much is lost in that translation into words.”

Speaking of the creator of Petscop: you can find his youtube channel here.

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The symbol in Wavey and Randice's room
Rainer Quotes Collection:

I really really really deeply enjoy how Rainer phrases things and how entrenched the entire game is in their personality and tendencies. I could probably include the entirety of the textboxes in this section, but to (somewhat) limit myself here are just some good Rainer quotes and the timestamps for them.
I won’t be including anything* from the base demo since it’s implied to be a (Garalina) team effort and as such the text isn’t really theirs.

(*I lied.)

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Soundtrack, Explore:

Explore first appears in Petscop 17, in the House gen 10 segment. At the time, it was labeled as “room impulse,” by fans, so you occasionally see it being labeled both these days as a holdover. (rooom impulse, with three “o”s, on the other hand, is a completely different song. Nothing to do with Petscop except for the name and the Paul voice bite at the start.)

Fake album cover that says petscop soundtrack explore
(Fake album cover I made for the song in 2021)

As previously mentioned, this is my favorite song from Petscop!

There was a video someone made with an attempted cleanup of the audio from that section of the video. There were still faint clicks of the dial in the background, but was pretty good at trying to isolate the music overall. I can’t find it anymore, but I really enjoyed listening to it before the soundtrack was released.

This cover is also really good!

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The two eggs from petscop 23
Petscop Cursor by betah