Transformative Work Policy for the writter under the penname JellyfishLover / Local Fool:

Hello! This policy is mostly applied to my fanwritings, if you want to re-mix/ add onto / write in a universe I've created / make fanart of / ETC. other things that I've done not in the realm of fanworks, ASK! I'll most likely OK it! And, of course, I cannot actually controll what you do with your free time nor what you do for fun. Make things to your hearts content! (The only differeance is that it won't be "officially" connected to anything.)

Feel free to podfic / make art based on / make inspired works / write a fic that takes place in a "canon" I've made / ect of any of my fics + let me know about it! (Making the media as marked as "inspired by" whatever work I have made when posting the AO3 would be a good way to do that! You can also give me a message on my Dreamwidth or Email me!)
The only thing I ask people to not do is to sell / make a profit off of my work, it is free for all to enjoy. (And, additionally, please don't feed my work to AI hosted by large corporations, as they're a profit seeking buisness! Locally hosted or AI who's data set isn't touched by a corporation are fine.)

This Includes my work being published in paid zines! Please don't do that without my written consent!
For free zines or free reproductions: Reach out to me, and if I don't reply after 3 weeks ('cause I'm dead or something) it's OK to put it in! Speaking of paper: I'm fine with fic-binding being done to my fics for personal use, just, again, don't sell it for profit.

Also, specifically on AO3, please do not repost any of my fics in its original format (i.e. Word for word in its original). It's already here. If you want to copy it to some other website, please ask my permission! If you want to archive it somewhere for saving purposes (Like a library or internet archive type situation,) Thats ok, but if possible I would like to be asked about it beforehand. If you want to translate my work: that's OK!

On podfic-ing: I understand that podficers may need to change the wording of my works in order to properly translate it into a audio medium, and I'm perfectly fine with that. change what needs to be changed.

In regards to inspiration from things I've said on the interwebs that are not fics, your free to gift it too me on AO3 if you want (not a requirement) or to let me know about it in some other way (also not a requirement).