Same Time, Different Place


Written for: legendofthefireemblem as a Candy Hearts Exchange 2023 Treat.

Made on: 8 Feb, 2023

Rating: General Audiences

Word Count: 638 words

Relationship(s): Parker MacMillan & Megan Ito (Blaseball: Pre-history I)

Characters of Focus: Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,

Setting: Pre-History I (in Alternate Universe)

Metadata: Alternate Universe - Different Modifications, Dialogue Heavy,

Warnings: Talk of incineration (briefly),

Summary: Megan and Parker meet up at a restaurant to chat. Only, in this universe, they’re not as central to the plot as before...

“Oh my God.” Megan declares as they slide into the booth seat across from Parker, “Have you heard about the arm cannon?”

Parker groans, because yes, he has. He’s been hearing about the stupid arm cannon that Namerifeht blessed for the entire season and he much prefers to not hear any more about it.

“The Crabs seem to be campaigning for the steal item blessing… you should ask your psychic friend what they think about that.”

"She's not my friend." Parker states because this is a very important fact he wants to get across, "Paige just likes bothering me."

"You mean that she just likes your foretold ability to do unimaginable harm."


"To the economy again, probably."

"It's not like I incinerated that guy! Stop reading tabloids."

"I'm not saying you did… I'm just saying the amount of home runs you hit after that was pretty suspicious."

"What? Shut up."

Megan did shut up about it, but not out of respect for their friendship or anything like that. It's just that the waiter finally swung by and they had to place their orders. It was their usual, as always.

"Anyways." Megan starts again after the waiter walks off, stretching over the table like some type of cat. "How's life?"

"S'alright. Same old stuff. We had a couple of replacements."

"New blood." Megan smiles, head tilted to the side so that their cheek presses into the plastic tabletop cover.

"Yea. Are the Artists nice?"

“Ehhh,” Megan drags out the pause, “It’s better than the Crabs at least, but I don’t know anything about the arts.”

“You didn’t like the Crabs?” Parker always thought they would be a pretty good team to be on, their fanbase was big enough to get whatever blessing needed.

“They're alright, a bit too serious for me though. Why? Are you a fanboy?”


“Parker, you traitor! Did no one tell you you weren’t supposed to root for other teams?”

“That's not– there’s no rule about it!”

“That’s alright Parker, your secret is safe with me. Oh, thank you!”

Parker would have argued more if he wasn’t also distracted by their drinks being dropped off. He watches with slight trepidation as Megan drowns half of their coca-clola in the time that it takes Parker to peel the paper away from the complimentary straw.

“But, like I was saying, the arts. I’m not an artsy person Parky, I can’t do murals or oil painting or anything and it’s honestly getting a bit annoying.”

“Maybe the Mints will steal you back?”

“I don’t know. If there are some rogue voters and a blessing for it next season or, like, a swap goes my way then maybe. You never know.” Megan leans on their hand, elbow narrowly avoiding bumping into the napkin holder, “I could always take a liking to pottery. That's the next team-building exercise.”

Parker hums in response because he knows negative information on pottery and he’d rather not gain anything more than that.

“Hey, they allow people to bring in a plus one sometimes.”

The response is an instant “No.”

Megan throws their head back and guffaws. It really is a miracle that they haven't gotten kicked out yet.

"You–!" Megan starts laughing again before they can finish, "That's the most horrified I've ever seen you look in my life!"


"And I was there when that pitcher got incinerated right in front of you!"


"Oh my god! That arm cannon is going to set the Immortals on fire or something and you're not even going to look half as terrified!"

"It's not that funny!"

Megan's laughter peters out eventually and their waiter only looks slightly disgruntled when setting their food down on the table, so they’re probably not going to get banned another establishment for being too rowdy. 

For now, at least.

Ending Authors Note: These two as regular players is such a fun prompt, I just couldn't resist!

The made up background world-ending plot surrounds the trucker's Wilkerson Ramos('s arm cannon), who is only notable for having their item stolen by Megan and narrowly avoiding death on the Artists that one time. I just thought it would be fun to swap the "most background guy ever" with these two hooligans, as far as roles go.

Anyways! I hope you found this enjoyable to read through! :D