Doppelgänger (PODFIC)


Made on: 25, May 2023

Rating: Teen

Word Count: 795 words

Relationship(s): Megan Ito & Parker MacMillan,

Characters of Focus: Megan Ito, New Megan Ito, Parker MacMillan,

Setting: Pre-History I,

Metadata: Angst

Prompt: Forgive and Forget

Warnings: Off-Screen Major Character Death (if whatever happened to Megan can be called that)

Summary: Parker attempts to apologize to Megan twice over agreeing to what they’ve been calling the Grand Plan.

Beginning Authors Note: This is another go at podfic-ing, yay! The fancy work skin (which I've tried to bring over to my site...) is by eosrose on Live Journal and Dreamwidth and the code can be found here!

I know that Hegira Émigré's upbeat spunk doesn't, uh, quite fit the tone of this, but since thats the song that inspired me to finish it I thought it was fitting to include anyways. Hopefully it's not too disconcerting! XD

ALSO, last thing, apologies for the sporadic mouth clicks in this! I'm having allergies on and off right now, and I didn't realize how pervasive it would be until listening back D: Hopefully this is still enjoyable regardless...? (I've been told since that people can't hear that, I think this is just my hearing problems coming into play and / or a case of having re-listened to something one too many times haha)

Cover Art provided by, edited by JellyfishLover.
Song: Hegira Émigré by Of Montreal.

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