This website was create in december of 2020 as a place to put my art + other junk!

It was created using NEOCITIES, which I discovered while hunting through geocity archives (oocities) to find cool graphics. (which i ended up using in a collage as a background for an art piece)

Feel free to click around on here!

Most images are from Gifcities or are my own! if not from there i usually have a link to where i got it attatched to it (for example, that neocity button up there)


I go by they/them, he/him and she/her and i'm currently an idiot highschooler, please do not talk to me about taxes or the future (unless its about the future viewed in the 4th dimention (im referring to time in this case, not another direction) because thinking about that is pretty cool).

the most imporant thing to know about me is that my glasses are round on one side and square on the other!

I mainly use the internet to post art (which you can find here, or, during artfight season, here) and look at wikipedia pages (some of my favorite pages here, here and here)

Heres a link to one of my favorite videos of all time. here here and here are links to some others.

feel free to repost/edit/trace/ect the art I make (the exception being drawings of other peoples OCs), just dont claim it as your own or sell it :]

(actually, feel free to take anything off of this site as long as u dont sell/claim it, even the terrible code if you really want to go that far. I dont do anything here for a living so I dont care about "crediting the artist" or anything. go crazy)

THINGS I LIKE: Jellyfish (fried egg jellyfish are my favorite!), the collor yellow, dogs and cats, those immersive art installations (like meow wolf or ahha!), Riot Grrrl zines (zines in general are SICK!), antique stores.

THING I HATE: MILK it is so gross no i don't care that its because i'm lactose intolerant it is so gross i cannot imaginge drinking it ever. what the heck why would YOU DRINK MILK?!?!?

SOME MEDIA I THINK IS COOL: FLCL (manga and anime!), Lain, future boy conan, hand off eizouken (the animation in that one is soooo cool!!!), OTGW, Q-Ko-Chan, Pokespec (yellows my favorite!), paper girls, pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea (i was obsessed with this movie as a kid), paranatural, the trueman show, Yotsuba&, Ribald Youth, Digimon adventure 01, angel's egg (the whole movie is on youtube rn!)

SOME GAMES I THINK ARE NICE: morpion solitaire, Pokemon omega ruby, Mysterious Forum and 7 Rumors, Persona 1+2 (especially innocent sin, i just think the characters are neat), nerts, OKAMI!! im working through okamiden right now! any picross game is cool, Pokemon super mystery dungion, Yo kai watch, animal crossing wild world.

SOME SONGS I THINK ARE NEAT: the machine - lemon demon (view monter is such a good album), Vib ribbon songs, plastic love, Lampry hole, the not-so-empty-house - omori, the most mysterious song on the internet (the post-rock one), cherry bomb - bratmoile, the sticks(album) - mother mother, Rebel girl - bikini kill, when you die -mgmt, Nile Blue - Jun Fukamachi, all tally hall songs, Don't lets stop - TMBG, ALL BRYAN SCARY SONGS they are so good