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welcome to my site!

um, not much is here right now, but feel free to stare real hard at what is.

I actually have no idea how to do HTML (i'm mosty reading off of how too sites and messing around with things) so its a miricle you're seeing this at all. be thankful

OH ALSO, since your reading this. Please please please check out the 1st chapter of my comic elect. mech.! I am very proud of it!

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10/5/21: new halloween welcome image! planning on giving out some web treats for halloween so look forward to that!!

7/13/21: added Dog + Cats characters page!!!

5/27/21: added more ribbons! personal favorite is the "wrestled a fish" one :]

5/25/21: added "favorite video" section!

4/25/21: i added the main Zine section, I'll probably add some more stuff to the little zine pages it links to + more zines in general eventually, but i think it works pretty good for now :)

4/19/21: added art, I havn't been keeping up with that much lately haha. please stare very long and hard at my space ferrit, I think it is very cute :]

4/17/21: hello! its been a while. I added the persona page on AOA today!

3/6/21: added AC to bulletin board.

2/19/21: added a ribbon section in the MISC page, also added "awards" sections to index to show off some of my favorite ribbons. I'll be adding to it whever I get the chance/feel like it.

2/18/21: added a pokemon fanpage! I tried to make it a bit more "fancy" so much more things are more likely to not work! yay!/s

2/7/21: started the page(s) for mysterious forum fan art + about section, a very slow weekend

2/5/21: first character page is up! its for stripe! i'll be working on creating more character cards and pages until i get destracted again! (you can find it in AOA on the right side)

2/2/21: hmm i think ive worked out scalling for the most part... ALSO thank u so much to the people who have commented on this sites neocities page + my guest book!!! i appreciate it a lot!!! (even if im not sure how to respond sometimes)

1/30/21: im trying to get things to scale so the pages will look a bit wonky for a bit, appologies

1/29/21: created archive of art (no links yet though so it's all just looks)

1/28/21: updated about layout!

1/27/21: updated home layout!

1/19/20:"Dystheism Through Pizza" added! check it out under comics! I'm also trying to move my other comic to just be on neocities, we'll see how it goes!