just a bunch of things, some of them are things i found on the web others are things I made:
(No official affiliation with any out-links here! I just think they're neat :D)

Jellyfish Page by LocalFool World Wide Web Project Ribbons made by LocalFool Alien 9 fan site Atomic Gothic on neocities browser game called Asciicker Pokemon fan site named Sneasel Plushie Skater magazine site called Local Chaos Domino Club Comic cite called Kiwis by beat Site called Crouton dot net, it contains a single picture of a crouton and nothing else RGB teahouse on neocities, contains artwork mostly Page by local fool called cool things found on the web. CatCam Birds and stars on neocities Houston Spies (fake baseball team) website Radio station The River History Of Hyrule

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A button that says local fool, for all needed shenaniganry. A button that says local fool infront of a picture of moon jellyfish. A button that says Jellyfish NOW in the style of old Netscape now buttons.

Made by Oaaky:

A button that says local fool in colorful letters.