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A place for me to put some short-form writting and random thoughts. not actually sure where i'll place it on my site yet. Writing counts as art right? I'll probably put it in AOA then...

Aug 23 2023 -- 'Scop Quotes

I quote petscop so often (because it does have really good quotes) eventually it's going to be equivalent as some sort of holy book for me: in the way that I quote it like bible passages, not that I'm treating it as a holy book haha. "We can investigate this together" 'Scop2 9:10 -- like so.

Aug 19 2023 -- Word Musing

As far as favorite words go, I'd have to put "phantasmagoria" at the top, mostly due to my favorite book as a freshman-highschooler so it's a bit of a legacy position... Otherwise "esoteric" would be pretty close to the top. "Gewgaw" wouldn't quite make the top 10 cut but it's definitely up there. In the top five, if not in a solid #2 position, would be "digress" I love saying "but I digress" it's fun, I recommend you to try that sentence out if you haven't already. For a more solid list I think I would have to think about this for longer...

Jul 7 2023 -- Dream Journal

I was looking through some old Dream Journal type writings by my past self yesterday. Here's the highlight: "I had a dream last night that I turned into a spoon, I don't remember how I just remember complaining about it... I also had a dream that we moved into a haunted house. Everytime i spent too long in a bathroom I would mysteriously end up at the identical bathroom somewhere else at the house. This made brushing teeth very hard." all from 2/8/21.

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