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9/19/23: Holy moly! This is not a drill! The RSS feed is up and working again! (I say that like it wasn't me overlooking something that caused it not to work in the first place.) I'm now using an xml file type, so if you were subscribed before, you'll need to do it again. Sorry!

9/18/23: Now a more fall/haloween theme is implimented! With a randomizer for the welcome image and a new halloween welcome image (this year featuring Tommy Gun Thompson pumkin carving!)

9/4/23: New artwork added to Archive of Art and a manifesto added to the site under "about"... if you can call it a manifesto haha!

9/1/23: New artwork added to Archive of Art! I've also added a guardian cursor to the petscop fan page.

8/30/23: Added a button for "91.7 The River" in MISC -- very cool hobby radio station! A lot of very nice soft rock...! Also added a link to CatCam in the same place (and added alt text for all the buttons! Sorry about the oversight before!)

8/27/23: Made a general fan fiction section. Added rainer quotes and Soundtrack, Explore sections to the petscop page yesterday. I'm aware that the RSS feed doesn't quite work right now... Sorry about that!

8/24/23: Added a primer onto the petscop fanpage! Also messing around with changing the favicon.

8/23/23: Added site buttons and some outlinks to MISC page.

8/19/23: I have created a search system for the MF&7R and blase writting archives, it only does one option at a time right now... Oh well!

8/10/23: New welcome image featuring Kyah!

8/4/23: Added new MF&7R fic to the archive, also there was new personal art from added yesterday as well.

8/1/23: As much as I love how sprawling the site is, like that one petscop quote: "The game doesn't seem to care weather I see something or not" (paraphrasing), I've decided to try my hand at making a site map 'cause it can be difficult to get somewhere because my internal logic doesn't match everyones. I'll add it to the top of the stamp nav lineup once I'm done with it.... Also added a link to Atomic Gothic through the webitems on the index page! I should think about having a collection of website buttons (of other neocities site, not just the odd dead site I find interesting) in MISC...

7/31/23: I've finished transfering all my blaseball fics over to the blaseball fanfiction archive on here! YAY! Next I'll probably try working on finally finishing the character section of the main blasepage, or try and fix up a main fanfiction archive hub up...

7/30/23: All of my MF&7R fics are now added to it's archive on here! YAY! (just in time for me to write 5k more of these guys =_= )

7/29/23: There's now a new and improved RSS feed, so that your feed reader will now actually tell you what was updated (and, I think, where?) I would recomend to swap to this new feed over the built in one if you use it, but I can't controll your actions haha.

7/24/23: Added more blaseball art + 2 fics!

7/12/23: Well, it only took around a year but I finally got around to putting all my blaseball art onto here! Yyaaaayyyy!

7/7/23: What on earth, finally adding some fanfiction of mine on here properly and it's OF COURSE for Mysterious Forums and 7 Rumors (a game that only I care about haha). The fanfiction page has 2 fics on it currently: "Before the snow hits" and "Cross Stitch"! I should be adding more shortly. You can access it by clicking on the disposable camera on the archive of art page, and clicking the fanfiction page at the top of that!
ALSO worked on un-spaghettifing the code for the LOG page, I think it's working now? After 2 years XD... Working on actually implimenting the blaseball artwork stuff now as well!

7/1/23: re-animated the ticker on the blaseball fan page instead of working on artfight stuff, which was my original goal when sitting down here haha

4/28/23: it's only, what, four months in to the year, and I've finally gotten around to adding a 2023 art section (with ONE drawing...) ouch. I draw way to much blaseball nonsense and not enough personal art... (this has been a problem for (almost) 2 years now.) Anyways, with the imgur stuff I put more effort into transfering old icons to being hosted locally, mainly the side bar icons today and everything else in the AOA homepage. Yay

4/14/23: What on earth... it's been too long... I haven't really been keeping up with anything other than chipping away ocasionally on the blaseball page. Today I added another song to the Riot Grrrl music list and added a link to the RSS feed on the homepage (bellow the update window)... the snowflakes have also been removed. Now it's a bit boring here. I should make another home page art soon...

11/19/22: Crazy that the year is almost over! Speaking of, I believe the 2 year anniversary of this site is coming up, wowza! I'm trying to add some working snowflakes to the index page (this one that you're on right now, unless I don't change this text when I copy this over to update-- it's not on the updates page) (post-script note: this is the updates page) and filling out the entirety of my blaseball fan page, which I'm beginning to suspect will be a work in progress for forever. Happy holidays to those that celebrate!

9/17/22: made new welcome image for halloween. It might show up as a bit smaller than usual, but I don't have a monitor screen right now so I can't really check. The image will alternate from this years halloween welcome and last years halloween welcome. This years has a date stamp on it!
Also made the index halloween themed for fun!

8/21/22: Been working on filling out the blaseball fan page lately! Mostly the SC characters currently. I should be able to put in the art section next weekend.

8/15/22: Made a Pokémon Scarlet/Violet bingo prediction card for fun, there's a blank one too! you can find it in the pokemon section on the cork board. Also added a plush in WEB ITEMS on the index by Sneasel Plushie, which is a really cool site! You can click the plush to be taken there.

4/24/22: HOWDY! its been a while, hopefully I'll be able to update stuff more during the summer!! anyways, added new art under pokespec and AOA 2022 art. Also added a new welcome art, which is a re-draw of the 1st one! :)

12/21/21: added new "THE" comic. also, finally made it so my comics are hosted on here, also made the exerpts from "the halt" face the right way. and added a "back" button at the end of chapter one of Elect.Mech. This is mostly just house keeping haha.

11/16/21: HELLLOOO! its been a while, school am i right? added fall welcome image and some art.

10/5/21: new halloween welcome image! planning on giving out some web treats for halloween so look forward to that!!

7/13/21: added Dog + Cats characters page!!!

5/27/21: added more ribbons! personal favorite is the "wrestled a fish" one :]

5/25/21: added "favorite video" section!

4/25/21: i added the main Zine section, I'll probably add some more stuff to the little zine pages it links to + more zines in general eventually, but i think it works pretty good for now :)

4/19/21: added art, I havn't been keeping up with that much lately haha. please stare very long and hard at my space ferrit, I think it is very cute :]

4/17/21: added the persona page on AOA today!

3/20/21: fixed the broken pictures in AC.... i think?

3/6/21: added AC to bulletin board

2/19/21: added a ribbon section in the MISC page, also added "awards" sections to index to show off some of my favorite ribbons. I'll be adding to it whever I get the chance/feel like it. also added updates log (this page) so the updates are more easily readable for whatever reason.

2/18/21: added a pokemon fanpage! I tried to make it a bit more "fancy" so much more things are more likely to not work! yay! (sarcasim)

2/7/21: started the page(s) for mysterious forum fan art + about section, a very slow weekend

2/5/21: first character page is up! its for stripe! i'll be working on creating more character cards and pages until i get destracted again! (you can find it in AOA on the right side)

2/2/21: hmm i think ive worked out scalling for the most part... ALSO thank u so much to the people who have commented on this sites neocities page + my guest book!!! i appreciate it a lot!!! (even if im not sure how to respond sometimes)

1/30/21: im trying to get things to scale so the pages will look a bit wonky for a bit, appologies

1/29/21: created archive of art (no links yet though so it's all just looks)

1/28/21: updated about layout![again]

1/27/21: updated home layout!

1/19/20:"Dystheism Through Pizza" added! check it out under comics! I'm also trying to move my other comic to just be on neocities, we'll see how it goes!