The goal of these tasks are to break up the monotony of everyday life, inspire appreciation of the mundane, push players out of self imposed comfort zones, encourage learning and creative thinking, and/or interacting with reality in a unique way.

This is hugely inspired by the now defunct sf0.org, and many tasks have been lifted from the site wholesale. Other inspirations include Fluxus handbook and other Fluxus projects, Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit, miscellaneous poems and anecdotes, solo-games, Domino Club, Wreck this Journal, and open mic nights. This game is evolving, as such more inspiration will be added eventually.

By doing tasks, players earn points. There is no limit to points nor any incentives to earn them, although players are free to celebrate, deify, avoid, reset at, use as currency, trade, gift, and any other miscellaneous actions not imagined any particular number of points or points itself.

Players may set up “levels” in which points are able to be earned towards. Since there is no standardization, for differentiation players can refer to their level as X-level, replacing X with the player’s name, favorite word, or any other character(s), scribble(s), or symbol(s).

Players are free to add, remove, reinvent, return to, and ignore rules (including this one). Any of the previous actions make up a player’s “personal code.” Players are not allowed to earn points without doing tasks, unless the player is ignoring this rule or added a task that they have fulfilled in retrospect.

Players are free to create, change, add onto, subtract from, combine, or any other action any particular task. Remember to scale points appropriately.

Collaboration is encouraged, but not required. Having fun is both encouraged and required.

(Collaboration can happen between player and player as well as non-players and players. Oftentimes this term is used for shorthand as: “Done with someone(s) else.”)