Local Fool Manifesto:

I feel like almost every personal site has one of these these days, and I find it interesting to look into the mind of the webmaster, so I thought why not feed back into that. The issue to this is, however, that my opinions on things can, unlike any human ever (hyperbole), shift over time.

Now, this is not to say that I’m especially wishy-washy, (although I certainly can be over things I don’t particularly care about too much,) but a lot of times my opinions on things shift and change over time, like tectonic plates. As is natural. As much as I love Pangea, I doubt the planetary plates (if sentient) would appreciate the efforts to push it all back together… So here opinions persist: hard to capture.

That was a set up to the Pangea line, because I find it fun to mention as a concept. Anyways, back to being wishy-washy: Any base opinion I’m 100% sure I’ll hold for the rest of my life just… doesn’t really belong here on this website…! “Treat others how you want to be treated” … “Anyone can do whatever they want as long as they don’t harm* anyone” … (*Of course a statement like this brings along with it a long laundry list of parameters for “harm”) Stuff like this. What the heck does that have to do with this website!?! Nothing! That’s what!

So what is this manifesto about, other than an excuse to hear myself talk (metaphorically)? A Meta on Manifestos? (Ha, say that ten times fast!) I suppose it’s what all manifestos are at it’s base: An excuse to get a taste for the webmaster. And also to get a gist for what a site is about, so I suppose I should set out some “house rules” or whatever henceforth.

A. WHAT IS THIS SITE? Whatever I want in addition to whatever captures my attention: I’m doing this for fun so… it’s whatever. Truely.

B. What can you expect to find on here? See above.

C. Any limits to whatever? No.

Adenium: This site was started as a place to put my art, so that’s mainly what you find on here… Hence also why there’s separate “Comic” and “Art” categories, wow.

Anyways, this is all just to say that I’m not a big fan of constraining myself, or my site, to arbitrarily chosen limits. WAIT! ALL THIS TIME MOPING ABOUT NOT HAVING A BASE OPINION TO UPHOLD THIS SITE UPON AND *BAM* THERE ONE IS! What the heck… I guess I really can call this a manifesto after all…!

Post Script: I suppose I could have also taken the easy way out: "Nothing wrong with being a fool! Peak LocalFool-ism!" Unfortunatly I would count this as, ugh, purposeful branding which I'm allergic to. (Ignore that this is literally what the "About this Site" section says about the name, that's just telling my actual thought process.)

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