Cool Things Ive Found on the Web!

Most of this is pictures from sites archived on the internet archive, but sometimes its actually current sites!




from pokelin archived site

this oekaki art collection is actually still up! (if you want to skip to a page, or go to page two because the link broke, change the number after "oekaki" in the URL, there are 32 pages in all and i havent actually gone through all of them)

cover for AC movie promo book!


AC forum post from 2006 titled "Sa'cea by the sea and Terra in the Trees (56k)." my favorite lines from this are "Animal Crossing God... I have sinned. I time travelled in vein as a ninth villager trade went wrong. I was close to having Bob in my town, but something seems to be stopping it. Animal Crossing God punishing me, I presume..." and "Animal Crossing God... I have sinned. Again. Well, technically I havn't yet, but I met a hacker on ACC. I asked about it, and he said he could get Bob as his ninth, and into my town. Without side effects too! Score! But at the cost of my Animal Crossing innocence. Ah well." theres 4 pages but only the first is saved :(

heres a super cool Alien 9 essay, and archived ver.


heres a pokemon themed oekaki site!

heres an oekaki site that lasted from 2002 to 2007, theres 496 pages!! it seems to be themed around a show?

cool alien 9 site!

touhou game collection site (i havent actually downloaded anything from it yet)

mr.yes (petscop creator) site, not actually sure how i found this

Justine Kurland's wiki page, she takes cool pictures

Tegaki R Archive (simular to an oekaki bord, they have a new site here)

the idea around furcadia is pretty cool, never played it though...

Vintage LPS fan site (still up!) + heres the archived version of it.