I got AC:WW sometime when I was a kid around 2011-ish. The game was used and I never reset it, but the original player character was deleated along with my old player character in 2013-ish.

The towns name is Raindrop and the current residents are Biskit, Pompom, rolf, Bill, Wart jr., Tiffany, Tipper, and Goldie. Only biskit and Pompom have been around for quight a while, as they are my favorite villagers and I bully them into staying. (The house I'm standing next to on the map is Biskits!)

I just got a second floor to my house!

The original fruit is oranges. I also have apples, coconuts and cherries.
Funny story, but when I was younger the town only had a handfull of apples and a lot of orange trees and when I figured out that the apples sold for more I thought it was because of scarcity so I planted a bunch of oranges in hopes that the price would go up. obviously it didnt but I still have a bunch of orange trees around the town haha.


My favorite villager! He lives near the sea. When I was younger I saw him covered in bandages during the winter before getting better next time I saw him so I thought he was recovering from something for a while. Looking back I think I must have had Lucky before Biskit moved into the same house.

I've had a bunch of bug hunting contests with him. so much so that half of his furtature is usually bugs ha ha. I've always liked how layed back he is and his conversation style is always fun. Also I adored dogs as a kid and he was the only dog villager I had for a while.


Another favorite. Shes very spunky and I respect that. She lives near the river and the bridge I usually use to get to the shops.

Her dialogue is always great.


Fish (21/56): crucian carp, octopus, pond smelt, red snapper, bitterling, carp, dab, football fish, horse mackerel, koi, olive flounder, black bass, dace, freshwater goby, loach, sea bass, squid, yellow perch, barbel steed, sea butterfly, stringfish.
I find it ironic that my player character is named after jellyfish yet I am missing that "fish"...

Insects (7/56): dung beetle, tiger butterfly, common butterfly, honeybee, ladybug, red dragonfly, yellow butterfly.

Fossils (23/52): dino droppings, iguanodon skull, parasaur skull, plesio neck, ptera left wing, sabertooth torso, stego torso, dimetrodon skull, parasaur tail, T-rex skull, apato tail, dinosaur track, iguanodon torso, pachy tail, parasaur torso, plesio torso, seismo hip, dimetrodon torso, Peking Man, sabertooth skull, seismo skull, stego tail, T-rex torso, t-rex skull (t-rex now complete), plesiosaur skull (plesiosaur noe complete).

paintings (1/20): Amazing painting. I didnt even get that one thats from the original player haha.I'm too busy trying to pay off my house to go to redds...


Hi! welcome to the journal section! no idea how much I'll use this but! its here!
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Aug 11, 2021 The last summer firework show was today! I had no idea, I barely catch firework shows because i don't tend to play this game during the summer!
Heres some pictures i took!

I also finally got to see K.K. Slider! I've been playing this game for so long and its only now that i get to see him... to be fair i wasn't sure when exactly he showed up because i always forgot to look it up!

I got kk aria from him!