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Spoon is a person with long black hair, pale skin, and dull eyes. She doesn't portray many emotions nor experiences any strong ones. She has a preference towards cats.
Spoon rarely talks and dislikes communicating with most people. She tolerates the company of a few people, one of which is Fig.
In her original universe she appears as a young child and has a stray cat that follows her around called "Panda" and has a messenger bag around one shoulder.

Like Fig, Spoon reincarnates into multiple universes.


Age unknown | He/them | R+B


Fig is a person with red curly hair and bright eyes. He is very enthusiastic and enjoys talking to people, although he often comes off as confusing because he forgets to include the context for most of what he talks about.
He tends to have an inferiority complex. He sees himself as good friends with Spoon, regardless if they have interacted in their current universe or not.
In his original universe he is a young child and has a dog named red. He also has a backpack with red flags sticking out of it. The flags were gifted to him by his father.

Other Universes

Spoon and Fig reincarnate into multiple different universes. The cause of this is unknown and seems to have no limit to how many lives they can live.
The most common shown of these universes, other than their prime (original) universe, is one where the two meet as young adults.
In this universe, there is a lack of animals following the two around. Spoon still has her long hair and dull eyes. She has a permanent judging look, a change from her childhood inquisitive but empty gaze. She still prefers cats.
Fig still has his red curly hair, but tends to wear it longer than his childhood counterpart. He also has a ribbon with beads tied to the side of his head. He still has a very enthusiastic personality.

Meta Info

Spoon was created first. She was named that way because I was eating icecream with a spoon at the time of drawing her. Fig was made soon afterwards. Their character designs (child versions) havn't really changed too much over the years.