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The main character of "The flower" and this universes "version" of the magician.
This idiot got himself drafted when he was young and got a eyepatch and black anti-mater for an eye out of it. His apperance is simple, like most characters in "the" series, with a stick figure appearance, a weird eyepatch, and a jacket/trenchcoat. Personality wise hes very jaded and sad, as he is haunted by his childhood friend and a jerk that wants to steal his soul. Man, what a depressing dude.

Speaking of said Jerk, Heres his relationships with the rest of the solitary characters.
Flower -- childhood friends, is currently haunted by her ghost but jurys out if its an actually ghost or just him going insane.
Culture -- said jerk, Pirate despises him, and honestly if someone where to constantly follow me and insist that I should sell my soul to his "dog" I would probably feel the same way.
K7 -- the "dog," Creeps Pirate out.

Meta Info

His song is Cough Cough by Everything Everything. And I belive he was the first to exist out of the Solitare group. Pirate is also resposible for the name of the solitary universe, as he plays a looot of solitare in his free time (see, "the flower")