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The main character of "The flower" and this universes "version" of the magician.
This idiot got himself drafted when he was young and got a eyepatch and black anti-mater for an eye out of it. His apperance is simple, like most characters in "the" series, with a stick figure appearance, a weird eyepatch, and a jacket/trenchcoat. Personality wise hes very jaded and sad, as he is haunted by his childhood friend and a jerk that wants to steal his soul. Man, what a depressing dude.

Speaking of said Jerk, Heres his relationships with the rest of the solitary characters.
Flower -- childhood friends, is currently haunted by her ghost but jurys out if its an actually ghost or just him going insane.
Culture -- said jerk, Pirate despises him, and honestly if someone where to constantly follow me and insist that I should sell my soul to his "dog" I would probably feel the same way.
K7 -- the "dog," Creeps Pirate out.

Human Version

(visual examples to the left)
Despite the name, base personality, and backstories being shared, human Pirate and standard Pirate are actually two separate characters. The most notable difference between the two, other than the obvious, is the position of the eye patch.
The universes that these two reside in are closely tied, closer than the main “The” universe and all of its offspring. If the structure of these universes were somehow able to be viewed and studied, they might be mistaken as only one. However, despite that,the differences create a significant amount of a divide between them. This can mostly be seen in the personality and actions of Culture, although Pirate him-self differs in significant ways as well, although mostly in regard to responding to Culture’s actions.

Human Pirate appears as a person with lower-back length hair, which is usually unkempt or put in a ponytail, bushy eyebrows, and a square nose. He is shorter than the average person and has miscellaneous scars over his body. His arms and legs are hairy and his face has blemishes/acne. His usual outfit consists of shorts, a black sports bra, and a jacket/trench-coat. Most important to note is the eyepatch on the oposite (left) side of his face and the downward, three stroke, eyelashes, which is a symbol of godhood or holiness in the “The” universe.

Meta Info

His song is Cough Cough by Everything Everything. And I belive he was the first to exist out of the Solitare group. Pirate is also resposible for the name of the solitary universe, as he plays a looot of solitare in his free time (see, "the flower")