Dog + Cat

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These two are BFFs 5-ever + also in a QPR (queer platontic relationship)!
Dog is pretty naive and always happy go lucky! they are drawn in rounder lines with floppy ears and big ol' eyes.
Cat usually complains about technology or homework, but is otherwise just a cat who likes to get into shenanigans. They are drawn in sharper lines with pointy ears and thin pupils.

Dog and Cat usually appear on whiteboards (and during my junior year, could be seen often on an english teacher's white board). Their 1st recorded appearance was on a whiteboard in a math class and can be seen on the left!

Their personalities and tendencies have evolved a bit since then, haha.

Heres some other appearances that have been captured below w/ some doodles from other people ocasionally included (from oldest to newest) :]

Funny little note here: during my countdown to spring break (seen above) my friend told me people in a later period started saying Cat and Dog were on a date, which i though was cute. (also i realise its unclear here, but dog is dreaming about eating homework haha)


cat in top right + background from giftcities, text image made with